About EV Charging Ireland

EV Charging Ireland specialises in the supply of innovative and reliable electrical systems.  With many years of electrical experience to domestic, commercial and industrial clients we have built a strong and skilful workforce to excel in the highest standards of quality and performance.  We are committed to meeting above and beyond our client’s expectations.

Together we can implement electric car charging and renewable energy solutions to reduce our carbon emissions to achieve a sustainable future.  Every move in reducing our carbon footprint is a step closer to a healthier and cleaner planet.

About the Future

Our Vision

To become the market leader in intelligent electric vehicle charging solutions, to develop and implement renewable energy systems.  Our vision and passion is to transform how we use energy by joining the global movement in taking action to achieve a sustainable future for our planet.

Empowered to change and achieve a sustainable future for our current and future generations.

Everything is Possible
Nothing is Impossible

Our Mission

Continuously implementing and developing intelligent solutions for electric vehicle charging and renewable electrical systems.

Our primary goal is to attend to our customer’s needs for smart clean energy.  We have developed a solid foundation to meet above and beyond our customer’s expectations by delivering the highest standards of quality and performance.

To make progress through the dedication of how we use energy and effectively draw in, engage and persistently build up our workforce.

We recognise that our workforce is an integral part of our business.  Knowledge is power so we continue to respond and adapt to all research and training required to deliver excellence and the highest standards of service, health and safety.

Empowered to change for a better tomorrow by creating a cleaner energy future to reduce Ireland’s carbon emissions.


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